Bloom Energy unit pays $45,454 for air quality inspection violation at Red Lion site


Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Controls Secretary Shawn M. Garvin issued a Notice of Administrative Penalty and Secretary’s Order to Diamond State Generation Partners, LLC (Bloom Energy) for violations of Delaware’s air quality regulations.

Diamond State Generation Partners has paid a penalty of $40,000 along with $5,454 in cost recovery to the Department.

Diamond State Generation Partners, LLC/Bloom Energy owns and operates a fuel cell facility near New Castle, commonly identified as the “Red Lion” facility. The DNREC Administrative Penalty covers air quality violations at the company’s Red Lion facility that occurred from June 16 through July 19, 2019.

Bloom issued the following statement:

Bloom Energy is committed to working closely with DNREC to address any concerns and comply with any and all environmental requirements.

Bloom Energy was awarded a permit by DNREC to upgrade the Delaware fuel cell project sites in April 2019. With the upgrade underway, newer systems are generating clean electricity with virtually no smog-forming emissions, and with even fewer emissions than were permitted at the start of the upgrade.

DNREC communicated to Bloom Energy that an inspection of the site was required prior to starting up the upgraded systems. The penalty relates to this requirement not being satisfied at our first upgrade deployment. Bloom Energy will comply with this DNREC requirement going forward.

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