Asbestos contractor at Boxwood site facing nearly $33,000 in penalties


A contractor is facing nearly $33,000 in fines and penalties for environmental violations related to the removal of asbestos during the demolition of the former Boxwood General Motors site.

EcoServices and a foreman for the company were cited in the Secretary’s Order from the Delaware Department of Environmental Resources and Environmental Control.

Harvey, Hanna, a Newport-based company, is redeveloping the site.

The fine arose over a highly publicized March incident that came after a complaint was made to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Video showing improper practices and dust in the work area was widely circulated and led to an investigation by DNREC.

The investigation determined that the company violated proper practices for handling asbestos, with the foreman barring workers from talking with inspectors, according to a DNREC order. Workers providedwritten statements.

The asbestos issue led to concerns about the dust spreading to the nearby neighborhood. Testing did not detect any elevated levels of asbestos outside the Boxwood site.

The issue also ended up being tied to a dispute over the union workers at the site that is being redeveloped into a logistics complex convenient to the Northeast Corridor.

EcoServices can appeal the decision. The order doesnot bar DNREC from taking further action.

Harvey Hanna offered the following statement regarding the DNREC decision.

“The continued safety of the local community and on-site workers has always been of paramount importance to Harvey Hanna & Associates as we redevelop the former General Motors plant on Boxwood Road. We have only recently learned of the issue between DNREC and EcoServices, and out of respect for the regulatory process, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this time.”

See the full Secretary’s Order below.



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