Updated: Heatwave worsens with warning extended to Kent, Sussex counties


Businesses and residents are urged to take precautions as a heatwave continues through the weekend.

The National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, NJ on Thursday extended an Excessive Heart Warning to the entire state of Delaware. The warning had been confined to New Castle County. The warning of high temperatures and humidity expires on Sunday night.

Hot,humid weather is the norm this time of year, but the projected intensity and length of the heatwave have led to more words of caution.

Accompanying the weather were thunderstormsthat led to lightning-caused fires that damaged homes in Sussex County, according to the state Fire Marshal’s office.

The threat of storms continued into Thursday, which saw more moderate temperatures. However, forecasters warn that intense heat will return on Friday.

The National Weather Service predicts Heat Index Values of up to 110 degrees during daytime hours due to temperatures in the upper 90s, with little relief from the heat at night.

In Wilmington, city pools and most spray parks are currently open. Both Eden Pool and the Biden Aquatic Center will have extended hours in the coming days, while all but two spray parks remain open seven days a week until 8:00 p.m.

Delaware Park will cancel its race card on Saturday, due to forecasts of near-record heat and humidity. Races are slated to go forward on Thursday.

Added to the mix weather mix on Wednesday and perhaps into Thursday will be possible flooding, rip currents and heavy rain.

Affecting the weather at mid-week were remnants of Tropical Storm Barry.

Businesses are advised to check on outside workers, who should drink plenty of water and if possible wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. The excessive heat can cause heat stress or heat stroke, especially during outside exertion or extended exposure.

Families and friends are asked to check on the elderly who are confined to their homes andmay not have adequate cooling systems.

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