Paper or plastic or neither


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Delaware is on its way to banning plastic bags in 2022, becoming one of a handful of states to deal with a major source of litter and landfill waste. Whdougen on the loose, the bags can be fatal to aquatic life.

The bill passed by a healthy margin and now some backers now want to ban paper bags. That legislation, introduced late in the session, would put the state on the bleeding edge of the trend.

Even California allows grocers to sell paper bags in the event that the reusable bags were  left at home.

Meanwhile, a  merchant in Canada  made a humorous   attempt to cut down on  consumption  in the form of “bag shaming.”

According to  an NPR report,  the merchant in British Columbia printed up bags  with the following:  “Into the Weird Adult Video Emporium” and  “The Colon Care Co-Op.”

The scheme sort of backfired with customers buying up the plastic bags. The merchant now plans to print reusable bags with the plastic bags’ messages.

He says the publicity is a good thing since it helped start a conversation on the use of the one-time bags.

Meanwhile, Canada plans to ban the one-time bags in 2021, the same year as Delaware. No word on whether our neighbor to the north will ban paper bags. My guess is no, given the size of its paper industry and its vast forests.

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