DUI checkpoints announced


The Delaware Office of Highway Safety announced Checkpoint StrikeForce locations on Friday and Saturday.

The effort will include officers trained in detecting driving of the influence of drugs. The Highway Safety also released a commercial on driving under the influence of drugs. (See below).

Delaware State Police, local, and county police departments, will be coordinating DUI checkpoints in all three counties on Friday, July 12, into Saturday morning, July 13, from 10 p.m.  to 2 a.m., at the following announced locations:

  • DE-72 in South Newark
  • US-13 in North Dover
  • DE-20 in Seaford

If stopped at a checkpoint, officers will be looking for signs that drivers may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drivers showing signs of impairment may be required to take various sobriety tests.

If a driver refuses to take a test ordered by an officer, they may be charged with a crime including aggravated DWI if an officer finds probable cause that a driver is under the influence.

Drug Recognition Experts, law enforcement officers trained in detecting drug-impaired drivers, will be on hand at the checkpoints to identify drivers impaired by illegal and prescription drugs. 

Officers will also be focus on strictly enforcing speed limits, seat belt, and child restraint laws, focusing on roadways where crashes tend to be most prevalent, according to data from the Delaware Office of Highway Safety. 

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