Casper opens first Delaware store in Christiana Mall


Shoppers can ‘book a nap’ at the newly opened Christiana Mall mattress and bedding store store

Casper recently opened its first Delaware store – the Casper Sleep Shop — at Christiana Mall south of Newark.

Visitors can shop for Casper’s sleep offerings and even reserve time for a nap to experience the products in one of the store’s miniature homes.

The company, based in New York City and now rents space for naps.

Privately held asper was launched as an online seller of mattresses that are shipped to your home.

The online model has shaken up the mattress store industry and contributed the Mattress Firm filing for bankruptcy in an effort to modify or get out of store leases.

Offerings at the store include mattresses, pillows, bedding, furniture, and even dog beds.

Products are available to purchase in-store for shoppers to carry out or for delivery.

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