Tilley emerges as a go-to economist


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Wilmington Trust’s Chief Economist Luke Tilley is becoming a go-to guy when it comes to analyzing the state of the economy.

Tilley’s views and analyses havecaught the attention of the financial media and led to frequent appearances and interviews on CNBC, Axios, and other media outlets.

Lately, Tilley’s dance card has been filled, due to a flurry of economic news that ranges from President Trump’s tariff-driven executive orders and recent jobs reports.

Tilley, who spent part of his career with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, comes armed with insights into how the board operates.

Tilley says the job slowdown this time around is real and is not the product of one-time factors like weather. He has said a rate cut is not imminent since the Fed is known to signal its intentions.

Tilley’s plain-spoken style is another plus. Earlier this year, he wrote that a jobs report was “just plain awful,” a contrast to the “on the other hand” style of some economists.

The possibility of a rate cut has led to a recent stock market rally as the street looks into its crystal ball.

The Fed has some room to cut rates, due to the lack of inflationary pressures. For example, rising wages often trigger inflation. That does not seem to be the case in 2019.

For now, expect Tilley’s name and image to continue to pop up on TV screens and online posts.

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