System down


Good afternoon,

Apologies are in order.

At around 6 p.m. Monday., a server for the Delaware Business Now website had its longest outage in some time.

Since the stories on our newsletter are linked via RSS feed, no links to content were available to the newsletter during that period and no stories could be uploaded. The website was up and running shortly after midnight.

We know you don’t always get around to reading the newsletter during work time and we apologize for the lapse.

To check out yesterday’s content, click here.

The glitch came during busy month in Delaware, thanks to factors like the last-minute rush at Legislative Hall and the end of the three-way DowDuPont spin cycle. (See story below).

Everything seems to be running smoothly our IT end during another beautiful day in Delaware. The mild weather was much appreciated as we cut up a large fallen tree limb from a brief, intense storm Sunday night.

Of course, the spring or fall-like weather won’t last, but it appears that we won’t see 90-degree weather for another week.

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