Seniors targeted in genetic testing/cancer screening scam


The New Castle County Division of Police and Newark Police are getting reports of scaminvolving genetic testing or cancer screening.

The scheme involves soliciting elderly residents to participate in free genetic testing and/or free cancer screenings that require the collection of a cheek swab.

The perpetrators go on to collect personal information that incudes name, date of birth and health insurance information including the Medicare number. Residents may also be told that there is no cost for this service and that Medicare or their insurance will be billed for the testing.

Police noted that testing or screenings have to be ordered by the patient’s doctor and be medically necessary for Medicare coverage. Random genetic testing and cancer screenings are not covered by Medicare.

Individuals or families who may have been the victims of fraud are asked to contact the New Castle County Police non-emergency line (302)-573-2800 to report a scam or (302) 395-8171

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