Marijuana legalization bill comes with a bunch of red flags


Good afternoon,

Bill Freeborn offered some powerful arguments in this space against the marijuana legalization bill now before the General Assembly.

Freeborn argues that under the bill a handful of medical marijuana dispensing locations in the state controlled by out of state entities would enjoymonopoly status.

Meanwhile, growth in prescriptions for medical marijuana is skyrocketing, with demand destined to outstrip supplies that have to be grown in greenhouses controlled by the three organizations. (One can expect a bill allowing marijuana to be imported and line the pockets of the corporate weed business).

As of now, Wilmington, Middletown and other populated areas have no dispensaries. One supporter of legalization did point out that one of the dispensaries is just outside the state’s biggest city (in an out of the way industrial location).

Under the bill, it appears medical marijuana would take a back seat to recreational weed under the bill, which lacks a path forward in separating the two sectors of the weed economy.

Freeborn has ties to the medical marijuana industry in efforts to launch scientific research into the effects of cannabis.

That research, severely limited by the federal government’s classification of marijuana as a dangerous drug, is badly needed.

We typically don’t endorse or speak out against individual pieces of legislation. But in this case, House Bill 110comes loaded with red flags. This has happened before and has led to side effects that include corporate weed kings dominating the competitive landscape.

For the above reasons and many more, this bill needs to go back to the drawing board.

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