Delaware ranks 34th in ‘best states to live’ list

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Delaware ended up in the lower third in a ranking of “best states to live, despite high-quality beaches and easy access to big metro areas.

The 34thplacefinish came from WalletHub, a financial information website. If you have personal computer, click on state on map below to see the overall ranking. The state ranked lower than its neighbors, including Pennsyvania (12) and New Jersey (4).

Perennial last place finisher, Mississippi came in 50th. Despite its cold climate, Massachusetts – a state known for amenities, strong economy and high quality education system – finished first.

Source: WalletHub

The state ranks among the best in the country in its rate of home ownership, but finished toward the bottom in income growth at 47th and restaurants per capita, ranking a dismal 46th.

The income growth ranking, which shows up frequently in similar reports, is a reflection of the state’s. slow recovery from the recession, the likelihood of higher paying jobs being replaced by lower paying positions and an aging population living on fixed incomes.

The restaurant industry has seen growth, but has not experienced as a great an influx of chief-owners as other states have seen.

WalletHub compared the 50 states for affordability, state of the economy, education, health, quality of life and safety. Delaware ranked 34th in the education and health category.

Dragging down was the quality of life ranking – a dismal 47th. The ranking included everything from the number of restaurants to hiking trails and cultural attractions.

Delaware has been making strides in various areas that include the opening and improvement of trails.

One strength of the First State – convenient access to attractions in Washington, DC, New York City and other East Coast social and cultural hubs – did not appear to be in the mix of factors.

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