Amended gun storage bill on its way to the governor


A gun storage bill is on its way to Gov. John Carney.

The Delaware House passed  House Bill 63   on a 23-18 vote that was largely along party lines.

Democrats have pushed hard for the bill and have received blowback from some Republicans as well as sportsman’s groups and Second Amendment absolutists who oppose most gun laws.

The bill was amended to place the burden of proof on law enforcement to prove that a gun was improperly stored. That drew the ire of  House Democrats  who wanted a tougher bill.

Backers of the bill have claimed that many lives of children have been lost, due to improper gun storage or a lack of gun locks.

There have also been cases of burglaries of improperly stored guns, with weapons making their way into the hands of criminals.

Opponents have claimed loaded guns need to be immediately available if homes and families need to be defended.

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