Technology  Forum showcases promising tech companies

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Technology Forum of Delaware held its annual Tech Showcase Wednesday night at the downtown Wilmingtonoffices of the law firm of Young, Conaway, Stargatt and Taylor.


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The showcase spotlights technology-based companies.

Among the exhibitors were:

  • Spekciton Biosciences, a company that supports increased understanding & performance for crops, fermentation & other bioprocesses through measurement services & analyzers.
  • Danio Connect, a technology platform that bridges the gap between businesses and nonprofit supporters.
  • EYE Need a Witness, an app turns your phone into a personal safety device. At the push of a button, Eye Need A Witness alerts other nearby users within your community in seconds.
  • Wilmington Pharma Tech, a pharmaceutical services company based near Newark.
  • W7energy a start-up company that focuses on the development of next-generation hydroxide exchange membranes and polymeric materials for fuel cell vehicles.
  • Telefix, an advanced wireless solutions company that developed the ecosystem Wallace for telecom and field service industries.
  • Transforming Transportation, a platform that connects parents through collaborative ridesharing aimed creating opportunities for their students.
  • STF is commercializing a product that is liquid and flowable at rest, but instantly and reversibly transitions to solid-like behavior. The technology is being used in a sports bra.
  • Resonate Forward, a developer of untethered, vibration therapy technology that has shown improvement in the disabling gait and tremor disorders caused by Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Lyapunov Technologies provides product and service that address high-stake risk/reward problems with a proprietary quantitative decision making process for a wide range of financial markets.
  • Lectrolyst, a new chemical synthesis platform which uses electricity and carbon waste from renewable sources to create essential chemicals.
  • CompassRed uses millions of data points & artificial intelligence to automate internal processes, uncover insights and predict future demand.
  • Elev8, an operator of bitcoin using automatic teller machines.
  • Asthma Management Systems LLC focuses on improving the health and reducing the cost of patients with severe asthma.

Technology Forum holds monthly educational and networking events throughout the year on the third Wednesday of each month.

The June event will feature a look at marketing technology. Click here for more information on Tech Forum and events.

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