An editor in chief for your business?


Good afternoon,

Earlier this spring, I received a slick paper newsletter from Wilmington contractor EDiS.

The carefully crafted print piece contained a number of interesting stories on the company’s projects and people. I read it cover to cover.

While EDiS’s printed piece is not rare, it bucks the trend toward companies cutting back on external communications and moving to social media or Email.

Much of the overhead cuts came during the recession and when conditions improved, it seemed much easier to stay in the digital lane.   Now, it appears that the pendulum is swinging back, at least in corporate America.


The Axios newsletter and website  recently took note of the trend, despite its digital roots.

Axios went so far as to suggest that the next hot job category will be the venerable title of editor in chief.

The title suggests an individual out of 1940s movie  with sleeves rolled up and  yelling “stop the presses.”

All joking aside, Axios pointed to companies rolling out magazines as a way to stand out from the crowd. Others are doing everything from talk shows to podcasts as a way to reach their audience.

None of this is particularly new. It turns out that hiring for content positions has grown steadily over the years, Axios noted.

The issue is whether a print piece, podcast or talk show can gain more attention than an Email message.

As the communications pros say these days, the key is to be “authentic.” It’s easier said than done given the diverse needs of a business as well as the time and energy required.

One quick tip – don’t be a cheerleader. Let the information speak for itself.

It’s by no means easy but going against the current can make sense.

Enjoy the warm weather leading up to the long weekend.

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