State revenue division issues warning on taxpayer letter scam


The Delaware Division of Revenue issued a warning about a new taxpayer scam that uses letters rather than phone calls.

Victims may receive a letter from “The Bureau of Tax Enforcement” that threatens property seizure and wage garnishment unless they call a toll-free number to “avoid enforcement.”

The letters may be in response to the growing realization that revenue agencies do not make phone calls seeking payment.

The department showed an example of a letter from listing a New Castle County agency that does not exist.



“These scam mailings are designed to trick taxpayers into thinking they have received an official communication from the Division of Revenue,” warns Director Jennifer R. Hudson. The notices threaten the seizure of the taxpayer’s property if the recipient fails to make immediate payment. The scammers are accessing public records in order to include taxpayer-specific information on the notices to make them appear legitimate, and then using pressure tactics and fear to motivate the recipient into taking immediate action.

Taxpayers who think they may have received such a letter should contact the Division of Revenue at (302) 577-8200, option 3, with any questions.

Taxpayers should also file a Consumer Complaint with the Delaware Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Unit. Information about the complaint process is available at the complaint form is available online –Consumer Complaint Form.

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