Pennsylvania, Delaware medical societies team up on improving care, controlling costs


The Medical Society of Delaware (MSD) and the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) have agreed to join forces to explore the development of a joint approach to pursue value-based care arrangements for physicians in their respective states.

MSD’s subsidiary, the Medical Network Management Services of Delaware, LLC (MedNet) and PAMED’s subsidiary, The Care Centered Collaborative will collectively identify a pathway for the development of a regional enterprise dedicated to improving access to care, reducing costs, and improving both patient satisfaction and physician satisfaction in both states.

A mutual goal of this initiative will be to provide improved data and analytics resources, enhanced population health management capabilities, and augmented care coordination functions through their technology partner, HealthEC, LLC.

“As health care continues to change, and as we move further away from sole reliance on the old, volume-based models of payment to increasingly greater number of value-based payment programs, we will draw on experiences from our partnerships with the PAMED and HealthEC,” said MedNet President, Michael J. Bradley, D.O. MedNet is a subsidiary of the Medical Society of Delaware. “Our primary care physicians and specialists will be rewarded for providing high- quality, cost-effective care, and will be supported as they remain financially and clinically independent. Most importantly, this collaboration will improve outcomes and the overall patient experience, drawing on the important doctor-patient relationships and new, sophisticated population health technologies.”

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