Dogfish Head rolls out summer box set of brews


Dogfish Head has announced the Off-Centered Activity Box.

The  12-pack  of cans from the Milton company includes a selection of four offerings, includes SeaQuench Ale and Namaste White and two new off-centered ales – SuperEIGHT and low-calorie Slightly Mighty.

The Off-Centered Activity Box also doubles as a cooler that can be filled with ice. 

“Around every corner, a fresh and exciting experience awaits – a new trail to run, a new lake to stand-up paddleboard, a new road to pedal. All we have to do is go out and get after it,” said Sam Calagione, CEO and founder of Dogfish Head. “The Off-Centered Activity Box encourages folks to do just that.”

The technology behind the Off-Centered Activity Box allows the carton to hold ice/water for up to six hours – enough time to complete a marathon or host one awesome backyard barbeque!

To learn more about Dogfish Head, or to find an Off-Centered Activity Boxor the beers within it near you, visit

The variety packs have been popular as the outdoor season approaches. As craft beer sales have flattened, some brewers have been offering discounts as a way to lure customers. Dogfish Head CEO Sam Calagione has worked to avoid price wars that could erode margins and trigger more head to head battles with mega-breweries.

Dogfish is moving into the low-calorie beer market with the above-mentioned Slightly Mighty, which will provide an option for drinkers of fast-selling Michelob Ultra, a mega-brewer creation. It earlier scored a hit with SeaQuench, which has lower calories, contains lime peel, black lime and sea salt.


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