BoltBus expands to Wilmington


BoltBus has added Wilmington to its route system.

The company’s timetable shows the carrier offering weekend service from the city bus depot near the Train Station to Baltimore, Washington, DC and Philadelphia.

Bolt is owned by Greyhound, but operates separately from the nationwide bus company.

Bolt’sbuses have been a common sight along Interstate 95 for a decade, but until now had bypassed Wilmington. BoltBus also operates on the West Coast.

BoltBus competes with the “Chinatown” bus lines and Megabus. Bolt offers reserved seat discount fares that can average about $20.

Megabus operatesdaily service between the northern edge of the University of Delaware campus, New York City and Washington, D.C.

OurBus also offers service during some days of the week from Newark to New York City and Washington, DC. Our Bus drops off and picks up passengers at the Park and Ride location near Routes 896 and 4 on the south end of Newark.

Greyhound and Rockledge offer bus service from Wilmington to New York City and other East Coast points, with one-way fares running about $20.Greyhound operates from the Wilmington bus station, while Rockledge has a 4thStreet drop off in downtown Wilmington.

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