Biden Foundation winding down operations


The  Biden Foundation announced it would suspend operations, effective immediately, including activities related to fundraising, staffing, policy, and partnership collaboration.

In the coming days, the foundation’s board will carefully evaluate options and plan a pathway forward. In the interim, staff will begin work to wind down all the foundation’s legal, fiscal, and programmatic activities, a release stated. The foundation was based in Washington, D.C.

“The Vice President and Dr. Biden are the heart and soul of the foundation and now will be devoting all their time and effort to the presidential campaign,” said Ted Kaufman, chair of the Biden Foundation board. “We are immediately suspending foundation activities. In the coming days, the board will put together a plan for an orderly wind-down of all of the foundation’s work.”

The foundation had it remained in operation would have come under scrutiny for ties to the campaign and fund-raising.

Earlier, a  foundation for the Trump family was ordered shut down by the State of New York over allegations that including funds being used for non-charitable purposes.

The Biden Foundation listed a staff total of 10 on its website. Its initiatives included public service, community colleges, foreign policy, and military families.

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