Timeliness and access set us apart


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I am sometimes asked what sets the Delaware Business Now newsletter-website apart from other sources of business news in Delaware and adjacent area.

Two areas I point to are timeliness and access.

One example came last week as the controversy raged on about funding the border wall with military projects that had not been awarded. On the list was a planned maintenance building at Dover Air Force Base that comes with a $39 million price tag.


The news was posted on the Delaware Business Now website on March 19.

It took until March 22 for the story at the online site of the News Journal, which limited coverage to subscribers under its “hard paywall.” The hard paywall replaces the limited number of page views that had been in the past.

The Delaware State News, which does not have a paywall,posted a story on the 20th.

We have no plans to add a paywall and will continue to pursue a business model that to date has provided sufficient resources needed tocover a busy business scene.

It should be noted that the list was supplied by the Pentagon after demands by U.S. House Democrats. Critics called the move “grandstanding.”

The long list exceeded the amount of money the Trump Administration is seeking to divert to border protection and no prioritywas placed on the listed projects.

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Enjoy your Tuesday. The newsletter returns tomorrow with fresh news and no paywall. – Doug and Sharon Rainey.

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