Site work under way for brewery-restaurant in Middletown


Site work is under way on a new brewery-restaurant in Middletown.

First State Brewing Co. will be located in the Levels Business Park near Route 301 and the Walmart store. 

No opening date was announced.  The company is shooting for a fall 2019 time frame.

“We will deliver an awesome craft beer experience by providing our customers with a variety of superior quality beers and ciders that offer more flavor, more variety and more local appeal,” a post on the website stated.  “In addition, we will deliver an exceptional culinary experience by offering artfully crafted casual foods that cooked with and pair well with craft beer and cider.”

The company noted in a Facebook post that its effort to open the brewery-restaurant  in the fast-growing town has gone on for nearly five years.

Middletown Brewing Co. has maintained an active website and has even published a food and beer menu in anticipation of an opening.

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