Corteva ends pesticide tests that used beagles


A unit of Corteva Agriscience has ended pesticide testing that used beagles and is making preparations to find homes for the dogs.

The combination of Dow and DuPont agriscience businesses found itself the subject of an undercover investigationby the U.S. Humane Society regarding the use of the dogs

The testing was taking place at a Dow Laboratory in Michigan.

In a Twitter response, Corteva said Brazilian regulators required the test for pesticides andthat the company was finally able to get the requirement dropped.

Corteva , which is slated to be spun off from DowDuPont later this year, said the beagles are now under the care of veterinarians with the goal of finding permanent homes.

Corteva will be based in Delaware but will retain Dow and DuPont research facilities in other states.

The combination of the agriscience businesses was the driving force behind the merger of Dow and DuPont.

Non-ag businesses of DuPont will be spun off into a separate company known as DuPont, with Dow businesses operating the Dow umbrella

DuPont will be based in Delaware, with Dow remaining in its hometown of Midland, MI.

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