Casa Tropical opens on Concord Pike with varied selection of Latin dining offerings


Casa Tropical has opened on Concord Pike in north Wilmington.

The restaurant features regional Latin cuisine that extends beyond standard Mexican Food fare. Owners converted to the new dining format after closing the La Tolteca Express, which operated for a decade and a half at the location.

La Tolteca is part of the La Tolteca-La Tonalteca family-owned group of restaurants that operate in Delaware and also have a few locations in upstate Pennsylvania and New York.

The group, which has a couple of dozen restaurants, had two locationsalong Concord Pike, including the Casa Tropical location. Last year, one of the restaurants moved to Chili’s location at the Concord Gallery shopping center.

The small chain has faced a crowded market with establishments offering regional variations of Latin food from El Salvador, Peru and other nations.

La Tolteca takes former Chili’s restaurant space off Concord Pike

According to the restaurant’s social media page, Casa Tropical’s offerings include Bandeja Paisa from Colombia and the popular Cuban sandwich that is popping up everywhere. A limited number of Mexican food items are available.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner at 4015 Concord Pike. The restaurant has the same ownership as the La Tolteca location that Casa Tropical replaced

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