Rain wins out over snow as strong storm nips area


A strong storm droppped wet snow on northern Delaware as temperaures remained around he freezing mark.

The DEOS system from the University of Delaware reported that 1.6 inches of snow fell in Greenville, with lesser amounts to the south.

The storm looked like it would pack a bunch, with a burst of wet snow. However, precipitation changed to rain.

A Winter Storm Warning was issued for Sunday night and into Monday. Accidents related to the snow burst were reported.

Forecasters had noted that the amount of snow was uncertain, due to temperatures along the I-95 corridor.

The storm is the latest in a string of systems that have brought light amounts of snow to Delaware, but in total add up to a foot and a half or more of snowfall so far this winter in portions of New Castle County.

Monday will be a. better day with a high temperature of 38 degrees.

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