Trending: $39 million maintenance site at Dover Air Force on list of projects with funding that might be diverted to border wall


A list from the Pentagon indicates that a $39 million aircraft maintenance building at Dover Air Force could be delayed under the Trump Administration’s plan to divert money for a border wall.

The project was listed in a document obtained by the Military Times.

The list was criticized for its lack of details. The list was confined to projects that had not been awarded but did not go into detail on which projects had a higher priority. The document noted that the projects listed exceed the amount of money the administration plans to apply to border security

The president earlier issued a State of Emergency regarding border security on the southern Border.

He also indicated that money from military projects could be diverted to the construction of the border wall under his expanded powers. Both the U.S. House and Senate rejected the State of Emergency.

However, the measure does not have enough votes to override a veto from the chief executive.

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