Pettinaro’s Barley Mill plan deserves fair shake


Good afternoon,

Later this month, Pettinaro will introduce its proposed plans for the Barley Mill site at a public meeting.

Details are few, but based on recent reports, it appears a revised plan will be more modest than the controversial Stoltz town center concept from several years back.

The Stoltz plan drew fierce opposition over traffic issues, with the developer doing little to ease tensions. Issues ended up in Chancery Court and contributed to New Castle County’s reputation as a hostile environment for development.

Moreover, the Stoltz plan was too ambitious for an area the size of Barley Mill. With retail development continuing around Christiana Mall, it is unlikely that anythingresembling the renderings would have ever materialized.

We do hope residents of the area keep their minds open this time around and remember Barley Mill once generated a lot of traffic.

The trend these days is toward walkable development that blends residential, business and offices.

Not everyone embracesthe concept. Some of us prefer to live in the past and complain about traffic and congestion without looking at specifics.

At a couple of public updates, a few people have aired traffic concerns regarding the industrial redevelopment of the former Boxwood GM plant site. Never mind that the plant generated a lot of traffic and few complaints not that long ago.

Boxwood’s plans do not call for residential development. Still, the site could trigger a wave of badly needed investment in the Newport area.

We have to accept that some people prefer living around underused properties rather than see redevelopment generate jobs, amenities and tax dollars.

Let’s hope more enlightened conversations emerge. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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