New Castle Police roll out app for mobile devices


New Castle County Police rolled out a  new mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

The free app can be found by searching “New Castle County Police” in Apple and Android app stores.

This new app will give citizens access to press releases, alerts, and emergency notifications,  from their cell phones. 

The app also allows members of the community to submit anonymous tips to New Castle County Division of Police with two-way communication through the app.

More features will be added in the future.

The app is in addition to the reverse  911 system. 

Reverse 911 is used by New Castle County  Police to contact groups of people in a defined geographic area. The system uses a database of telephone numbers and associated addresses.

The system has become less effective since fewer people have landline phone service. The issue came up recently with a leak of a toxic substance from the Croda plant in the New Castle area.

Those wishing to sign up can tap the link below and  follow the prompts.