Mountaire sewage spill did not move into waterways


(Editor’s note: The Town manager of Millsboro asked that it be made clear that the spill did not take place within the municipality)

The Mountaire poultry processing plant in the Millsboro area reported the release of wastewater early Wednesday morning.

The estimated 750,000 to 1 million gallons of wastewater remained on the property and did not spill into nearby waterways, according to a release report from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

According to a notification to DNREC, an end cap failure led to the discharge, which is now being cleaned up.

Mountaire issued the following statement”

Our Millsboro wastewater treatment facility experienced a mechanical failure early this morning causing treated wastewater to be released onto our property. Importantly, no water left our facility or reached Swan Creek. Cleanup began as soon as our alarm system notified our team of the malfunction. The portion of our wastewater system that caused the release just went into operation in late January, and is designed to reduce nutrient levels in the wastewater that is sprayed on the land where the release occurred. There is absolutely no risk to our employees, to the public, or to the environment as a result of this release. Cleanup should be completed by this evening and the recycling operation will resume tomorrow.

News regarding the spill did not reassure some people commenting on social media, who worried about well contamination.

The plant’s wastewater system has been under scrutiny for years by DNREC, with making upgrades. (See earlier story).

Mountaire issues statement regarding consent decree

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