Merck Animal Health expands Millsboro operation


Merck Animal Health announced increased investment and expansion atits U.S. manufacturing and warehousing site in Millsboro.

The company expanded its manufacturing capacity and capabilities in Millsboro last year with additional expansion activities planned over the next few years. Details of the expansion were not announced

“We are excited about the opportunity to bring capital improvements, expansion in our manufacturing capacity and capabilities, and advanced technology to our Millsboro facility, thereby, strengthening our footprint in the state and increasing our ability to fulfill customer demand for our portfolio of products,” said Bruce Lynch, site director. “Our Merck Animal Health business is making great strides in building our business for the future. That means we need to ensure our place as a leader in animal health with a substantial and sustainable U.S. facility footprint, which includes investment and expansion in our key facilities.”

According to a release, the company continues to explore waysin the U.S. and globallyto improve existing facilities with upgraded equipment or technology, furtherexpand its facilities with advanced technology platforms and increase capacity and capabilitiesin manufacturing and warehousing.

Scott Bormann, vice president, North America commercial operations, Merck Animal Health said, “Our investment in Millsboro positions our company for strong long-term growth and emphasizes our dedication to the Science of Healthier Animals.”

Merck Animal Health is one of the largest poultry vaccine manufacturers worldwide, with products against most major pathogens and a focus on diseases affecting broilers, breeders and layers. The company continues to invest in expanding its manufacturing facilities around the world with a recent expansion of its manufacturing, packaging and warehousing facility for blending and filling of poultry vaccines at its site in Milton Keynes, UK.

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