Former Wilmington surgeon, father of Dr. Oz, dies at 93


The father of doctor and talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz has died in his homeland of Turkey.

Mustafa Oz was 93.

Oz remembered his father in a post on his website.

“Dad changed everyone who met him. I remember as a child running behind his fast-moving legs while he made hospital rounds. Even as he aged and his legs no longer raced along, his mind never slowed down,” Oz wrote. “I fell in love with medicine after witnessing my dad do sometimes painful procedures on desperately sick patients who subsequently thanked him for saving their lives. The opportunity to help is a powerful aphrodisiac and the responsibility to act should not be squandered, so he insisted that he and his children were ‘The Best,’a contagious admonition.”

After serving a residency in Cleveland, Ohio, the elder Oz moved to Delaware and worked as a surgeon.

His son went on to graduate from Tower Hill School and later launched his own medical and TV career.

Oz said his father moved back to Turkey and performed surgeries into his 80s.

The Medical Society of Delaware reported Oz stayed in touch with his Delaware friends and was a faithful reader of the society’s newsletter.

Click herefor the full post from his son.

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