A good month for Delaware Business Now


Good afternoon,

January was a good month for Delaware Business Now, even with the polar vortex reminding us it is still winter.

The number of visitors toour website rose by nearly 25 percent from the same month a year earlier. The website ended posted a 9.5 percent gain from 2017 and is off to a stronger start in 2019.

The growth came despite the lack of stories that grab a lot of eyeballs. Ourbusiness news focus does not lend itself to “viral” traffic that comes from accidents, street crime, etc. It ’s one of the reasons why you see less local business news in the legacy media

In our case, good news sometimes wins out. One example that drew web traffic came over the weekend when it was announced that Christiana Care’s Helen Graham Cancer Center wasone of the first locations in the nation to offer groundbreaking treatment for a rare type of cancer. (See story below).

We continue to believe that a regularly updated website and a five-day-a-week business-focusednewsletter, with occasional breaking news updates, is a good fit.

Another plus is an archive of business stories, dating back to 2013. This week, the number of stories will hit the 13,000 mark. Access is free, thanks to support from our growing roster of advertisers.

The January numbers are also a small sign of stepped up activity in the Delaware economy.

Many challenges remain and we won’t sugarcoat those issues. So far (fingers crossed) the arrow continues to point upward.

Enjoy a warmer Monday. – Doug and Sharon Rainey

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