46 captive insurers formed in state during 2018


Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro announced the formation of 46 captive insurers in Delaware in 2018.

Captives are formed by a companies as a way to insure their operations without the costs of using an outside insurance company.

Commissioner Navarro stated, “Captive insurance formations faced a number of challenges in 2018, due to recent changes in tax law. Despite the headwinds, Delaware’s having knowledgeable captive regulators continues to attract quality applicants. Delaware is the fifth largest captive domicile in the world, and thirdlargest in the U.S. It is one of four captive insurance domiciles that is ICCIE (International Center for Captive Insurance Education) trained. Its captive insurers generate more than $12.5 billion of annual captive insurance premium.We are committed to licensing captive insurers with sound business plans formed by reputable individuals. I thank my captive team for its hard work to make Delaware a leading captive domicile.”

Navarro said 2018’s success to the newly enacted conditional licensing legislation. Delaware is the first state in the nation allowing electronic filing of a conditional license. It permits the issuance of a conditional license to a captive insurance applicant on the same day as the application submission.

Of the 46 licenses issued, in Delaware, 30 were conditional licenses. It allows speed to market for issuing a license, while at the same time maintaining regulatory integrity and safety. It is only available to certain captive managers who satisfy specific standards set by the Department of Insurance. If an approved captive manager needs a captive insurance license by a certain date, they are encouraged to seek a conditional license.

Delaware is a leading captive domicile, ranking 3rd in the nation, and 5th in the world. For more information about Delaware’s Captive Insurance program, please see captive.delaware.gov.

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