The long, strange Bloom trip


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The Bloom story energy story has many twists and turns since the effort to bring the fuel cell company to Delaware during the depths of the recession It is clear that some perspective is necessary – hence the piece above that runs counter to our short form format.

To its detractors, the company is a scam as various conspiracy theories offered as the reason for its ability to raise funds and hang on this long.

Supporters (there are a few who have invested $1 billion or more) see a new technology that has become more marketable with time.

A middle ground is hard to find and the popular narrative lumps Bloom in with the failed Fisker Automotive project as an example of bad decisions by the state government.

Others see the involvement as flawed but understandable, given the state of the economy at the time following the loss of two auto plants in the space of a year.

Meanwhile, the Bloomstory is still being written, albeit with less than game-changing expectations.

At any rate, check out the analysis piece above in and let me know what you think. Simply hit return and type away. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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