Trending: Supreme Court upholds lower court ruling in Potters’ long running roof repair battle


The Delaware Supreme Court has upheld a lower court decision in a roof repair case involving political power couple Charles and Velda Jones-Potter.

Velda Jones-Potter is Wilmington City Treasurer, while Potter is an insurance agency owner and state legislator.

The case dated back from 2010 and involved lengthy arbitration and other legal proceedings involving the Potters and SC&A, the roofing contractor.

The contractor was able to file a lien against the Potters and the home at one point ended up on its way to a sheriff’s sale. A lawsuit also failed. The Potters’ argument on not paying for the repairs hinged on the contractor not getting proper inspections and permit from the City of Wilmington.

The decision from the Supreme Court came after the couple sued the City of Wilmington in an effort to gain a writ mandamus that would have forced the city to enforce an action against the contractor.

The Potters reportedly had to pay $300,000 for the work.

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