South Korean company wins Bloom Energy Server contracts

Bloom Energy Servers can be put in small spaces. (Bloom photo)

SK E&C, the engineering & construction arm of SK Group, the third largest conglomerate in Korea, and Bloom Energy Corporation announced they have won three contracts to supply Bloom Energy Servers in Korea.

The announcement follows a mid-November 2018 agreement on SK E&C becoming Bloom Energy’s distributor in the country. It also builds upon the partnership that delivered a utility-scale project into commercial operation in Bundang, Korea last year.

Bloom Energy Servers are built in Newark and exported overseas.

SK E&C will supply Bloom Energy Servers to Korea Midland Power Co., one of the nation’s six regional power generation companies, and to KT Corporation (formerly known as Korea Telecom), South Korea’s largest telecommunications company.

The project with KOMIPO is a 6-megawattfuel cell installation. It is located in a cultural park located at the center of the Seoul metropolitan area, which has a population of more than 25 million people.

The space efficiency, pleasing aesthetics, low sound level, low CO2, and virtually no emissions of the Bloom Energy Servers makes it a good fit with the surrounding parkland and nearby residential buildings. The project will provide electricity directly to the national grid, powering more than 12,000 homes, a Bloom release stated

SK E&C will also supply Bloom Energy Servers to power two projects for KT Corporation. Each project is 900 KW and will also provide electricity directly to the national grid, powering more than 1,800 homes. The deployments are part of KT’s Smart Energy initiative.

“In a post-climate change world, we are all in a fight against carbon in the atmosphere, and time,” said Bloom Energy founder and CEO KR Sridhar. “We are proud to support South Korea in its expedited efforts to source low-carbon, clean, reliable, always-on electric power.”

South Korea has become a world leader in the deployment of fuel cells for utility-scale electric power generation with approximately 300 megawatts deployed. The country’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) 8th Electricity Supply-Demand Plan has called for a further expansion of these deployments to approximately 600MW by 2022.

Bloom Energy Servers have the highest delivered electrical efficiency of any commercially available electric power generation system in the world. This is important in Korea, since the country imports all of its natural gas at a high cost

Korea is the most densely populated of the world’s major economies, with more than 50 million people inhabiting an area that is roughly the size of the state of Kentucky, population 4.4 million.

It has the highest per capita electricity consumption in Asia. About 30 percent of the country is considered lowland, thus its terrain and high property development costs make the high power density of fuel cells a solution in urban areas.

The strategic partnership between Bloom Energy and SK E&C began when the companies successfully bid for South Korea’s first solid oxide fuel cell installation. The 8.35 MW Bloom Energy Server for a utility site south of Seoul is complete and began commercial operations in late 2018. The project utilizes a “Power Tower” design and is one the world’s most energy-dense power plant, generating one megawatt for every 787 square feet.

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