Left lane slow pokes not biggest traffic problem


Good afternoon,

We received a number of responses to Wednesday’s column on a legislative resolution to study remedies for drivers hogging the left lane at slower speeds.

The consensus is that the left lane issue is nowhere near the top of the list in traffic concerns. Leading the list is texting while driving. Unfortunately, enforcement is difficult, given a large number of texters.

Here’s one comment – “If the speed limit is 65 mph, as you know, there are many drivers who believe 75-80 or higher is expected. They are the ones that should be ticketed. How about the texters? I see many of those who are driving erratically and at inconsistent speeds in both lanes. Enforce.”

The reader concluded, “I look forward to the days of driverless cars.”

“As someone who travels extensively on interstates and Delaware highways, I have learned that most slow drivers are answering texts, e-mails and cell calls. It is highly noticeable when a car doing 70 mph suddenly and inexplicably drops down to 45-50 in a high-speed lane,”another reader noted.

Here’s another comment – “I agree with left lane politics, but I think the bigger issue & more dangerous one is trucks riding the left lane. As a retired truck driver, I don’t understand why this law is no longer enforced knowing how much harder it is to be aware of traffic on your right side when driving a truck. They hold up traffic and are very dangerous when moving over to a right lane.”

“Out of control speeders are getting more brazen and dangerous, but the troopers doing 90 mph don’t seem to be chasing them…,”another reader commented.

Thanks, everyone for offering your thoughts.

The solution boils down to stepped up enforcement – if you are willing to pay the price.Years ago, a legislator recounted a story about residents of a subdivision complaining about speeding in the area.

A conversation with police led to stepped-up enforcement and guess who complained? – the same residents who ended up with tickets.

In other words, watch thosespeeds this weekend and stay safe on Super Bowl weekend. Police will be on the lookout for drivers over the limit. A taxi, Lyft or Uber are much cheaper than a DUI. – Doug Rainey, publisher.

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