Equal Rights Amendment vote exposes north-south chasm


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Yesterday’s vote on a state Equal Rights Amendment exposed the deep ideological divide between north and south.

Most male Republican legislators representing a large swatch of Kent and Sussex counties. voted no on the amendment, which passed by a sizable margin.

Based on vote totals, it appeared that all legislators north of the C&D Canal voted yes.

The tiredargument that women’s rights are already protected in the Constitution has long prevented the passage of an Equal Rights Amendment for the U.S. Constitution and stalled efforts in the First State.

A growing number of women feel differently. Never mind and that it has only been a century or so since more than of the population gained the right to vote. Sorry guys, not all of the barriers that were erected alongside w the voting ban have gone away.

The fact that all women legislators in Delaware voted yes speaks volumes and makes the votes by male GOPers all the more puzzling.

It was good to see that the amendment was passed during the early days of the General Assembly.

One would hope that most social legislation is handled early in the session.

The biggest issue – the need to develop a budget process and a fund that sets money when times are good for the next recession – remains unresolved in terms of a constitutional amendment.

Instead, we are seeing an effort by a fewDemocrats to add higher tax brackets for wealthy residents, withlittle or no badly need relief for those with moderate incomes and no long-term plan to deal with budget issues.

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