Delaware just misses top 10 as best state for retirees


Delaware ended up just out of the top 10 as a good place to retire, according to the personal finance site Wallet Hub after ranking No. 9 last year.

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Source: WalletHub

The No. 11 ranking came despite a high ranking for affordability. Delaware is known for its favorable tax environment for seniors, which offsets higher East Coast living costs. The state ranked second among the 50 states in its tax environment.

One big draw comes for lower property taxes than most areas of the East Coast a location near News Jersey, ranked as one of the worst retirement havens.

The state’s tax breaks have been under scrutiny as Delaware ages and concerns over the burdens placed by growth in Coastal Sussex County.

Advocates of the tax advantages point to the economic boost that comes in new home construction, health care and other areas.

The state also ranked above average in health care.

Delaware would have broken into the top 10 had it not been for a low ranking on quality of life, which focuses on amenities, crime rates, access to public transit and other factors.

WalletHub noted that Delaware ranked 48thin the number of theaters per capita.

Milford, a city on the Kent-Sussex County line that has become popular with retirees, is finally getting a movie theater later this year, after going decades without one. Currently, it takes a half hour’s drive to go to a commercial cinema complex.

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Delaware ranks 9th as retirement haven

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