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One of the core principles of this website/newsletter has been the knowledge that the time of our readers is valuable.

That’s why we chose from the outset to limit our emails to once a day five days a week, with an occasional breaking news piece if warranted.

We do not send out E blasts for advertising pitches, or promotions for events, seminars, etc. We know your In Box, without regular maintenance, becomes a pretty crowded place. It is not out of the question that an important message can fall to the bottom of the pile. It has happened more than once to yours truly.

With that out of the way, I do hope you will read a little further.

In the past few years, Delaware Business Now has seen strong, organic growth in web traffic and engagement.

I now believe more than ever the newsletter/website has become a “must read” for a business community in the state that seeksup to date information.

Moreover, as the months go by, it becomes increasingly clear that a news gap has become a chasm in Delaware as legacy media treads water or cuts back. Worse yet, institutional memory that allows news to be placed in perspective is largely absent from most current reporting.

Adding another barrier are paywalls. It is not wrong to ask readers to pay for news. The problem is that the feature comes after sharp cuts that have led to a bare-bones staff, less news and annoying pop-ups that make pages difficult to navigate.

To help fill that gap, Delaware Business Now relies on advertising for the revenue to pay for modest, necessary investments.

Our loyal advertisers, a number of whom who have been with us from the beginning, have supported our mission and allowed continuing investments that keep the website and newsletter up to date in terms of design and ease of use.

The goal in 2019 is to keep the momentum going. There are a limited number of advertising and sponsored content openings in our newsletter at reasonable rates. Rates start at $200 a month on our website.

Your message will get the attention of a growing number of Delaware business leaders who rely on Delaware Business Now for its daily commentary and “no spin” news coverage.

I would love to have you on board.

Click here to get started or give me a call at 302.753.0691. – Doug Rainey, founder, and publisher.

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