Bouncing a BitBounce subscriber


Good morning,

Yesterday I received my first Email message from BitBounce.

BitBounce is a service that requires the payment of five cents for each email delivery. Payment is made via bitcoin. Actually, the preferred term these days, after numerous scandals and scams,is cryptocurrency.

BitBounce takes a 30 percent cut and the account holder gets the rest.

The technology is touted as a way to reduce spam. After all, getting an email to a decision-maker might be worth five cents, backers of the company believe.

Interestingly enough, the Email came from an individual who had previously signed up for Delaware Business Now, had not read the newsletter and was now trying to see if he could earn some extra money on the side.

Under the MailChimp system, subscribers who don’t open the Business Now email will be automatically unsubscribed at some point.

Thanks to the BitBounce message, the subscriber seeking payment for a free newsletter is no longer signed up.

I do like the idea of charging for some Emails, especially from companies who continue to push marijuana-based businesses, cryptocurrency, fashion trend or the latest get rich quick scheme.

The all-time low came last month when acountry and western singer announced hehad released a sex tape as a career move.

Then again, if I could figure out a filter for creepy messages, I might be able to make a little extra money too. Whether porn stars or the cannabis crowd would pony up some spare change remains open to question.

Enjoy your Tuesday.This free newsletter, which will not pay BitBounce money returns tomorrow. – Doug Rainey, publisher.

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