Wilmington gets a surprisingly high ranking as destination for singles


A recent report indicates that Wilmington ranks as a better location for singles than either Baltimore or Philadelphia. Click herefor the full report.

The ranking should gain some notice as Wilmington works to attract younger people that are key to the revitalization of the city and surrounding areas.

By contrast, Dover, ranked 167th, according to a survey from the financial website WalletHub. Wilmington ranked No. 79 out of 182, with neighboring Philadelphia at 137. Philadelphia

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Source: WalletHub

The report was based on three factors, online dating opportunities, economics and fun and recreation. Aiding Wilmington’s ratings is the city’s location on the Northeast Corridor that allows for quick trips to top-rated destinations like Washington, DC and New York City.

Philadelphia ranked 18thas a fun and recreation destination, but ranked low in economics. Philadelphia is often listed as one of the poorest large cities in the nation.

Wilmington and the State of Delaware have been working on the recreation side of the equation, with the opening of a popular bicycle-walking trail running to the riverfront. The trail has generated some controversy, due to its $20 million-plus cost, due to the need for an expensive bridge and boardwalk over wetland areas.

Of late, the city is seeing a modest influx of singles to the downtown area, thanks in part to SEPTA train connections to jobs in Philadelphia, an area where rents have soared.

Ranking one, two and three in the WalletHub report were Atlanta, Denver and San Francisco. The bottom three were Hialeah, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL and Brownsville, TX. Hialeah received a low ranking, due in part to high housing costs.

Interestingly enough, Baltimore ( 91) finished below Wilmington, despite its nightlife and its location near Washington, D.C.

One puzzling finding from the report involved dining costs. According to WalletHub,

Garden Grove, CA has the lowestaverage restaurant-meal cost, $12.78, which is 9.4 times lower than in Dover, which came out with an eye-popping figure of $120.

While it is hard to explain the dining ranking, it is true that Dover’s dining scene has long been characterized by the presence by chain restaurants, with independents often struggling to find a niche.

Wilmington also ranked No. 2 in the percentage of singles, behind Detroit, which ranked 140th.

See video below for more information on the report.

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