Two men arrested in Georgetown after cell phone memory cards are found in suspected identify theft scam

Georgetown Police photo

Georgetown Police arrested two men on charges related to the possession of electronic memory cards used to activate cell phones.

Last week, Georgetown Police arrested two men from the Dominican Republic suspected of operating an identity theft scam based on cell phone memory cards.

The arrest came after police witnessed a traffic violation from a car driving along County Seat Highway. Upon stopping the vehicle, officers noticed the odor of marijuana.

A search of the vehicle resulted in officers locating a laptop computer and 122 SIM cards.

It was later learned that the occupants had cataloged personal information of numerous victims on the laptop with the alleged intent on using the information to activate the cards on cell phones.

Officers also identified several local addresses where cell phones had been shipped, with occupants planning to retrieve the devices.

After retrieving the cell phones and activating the SIM cards with stolen personal information, the cell phones would be sold online, a Georgetown Police report stated.

Georgetown Police are working in conjunction with Homeland Security Investigations Delaware.

Allan Castillo, 28 and Andrea Villar-Martinez 31, both of the Dominican Republic, were arrested for 16 counts of Identity Theft, 16 counts of Conspiracy 2nd degree and possession of marijuana.

Castillo and Villar-Martinez were arraigned and taken to Sussex Correctional Institution in lieu of $64,500 cash bail.

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