Chesapeake Utilities cuts ribbon on Energy Lane Campus in Dover


Chesapeake Utilities Corporation held a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week at its new Energy Lane Campus in Dover. 685105

The event was hosted by Chesapeake and attended by state and local officials as well as company representatives and employees.

This site , which accommodates approximately 250 employees, is the new home for Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company, Chesapeake’s interstate natural gas pipeline subsidiary; Chesapeake Utilities, Chesapeake’s natural gas distribution operations; the Customer Care group responsible for delivering customer service to Delmarva natural gas customers; and the company’s business and information services operations.

Chesapeake has been growing rapidly in recent years through expansion of its natural gas operations and other acquisitions. The company got its start as a small natural gas utility for Dover expanded on the Delmarva Peninsula and into Florida.

The company still has its headquarters at Silver Lake, The company employs about 350, including Energy Lane Campus, corporate offices and Sharp Dover employees included in the count.

“The Energy Lane Campus is the largest, single business location in Chesapeake Utilities Corporation’s history,” said Michael P. McMasters, CEO of Chesapeake Utilities Corp. “A testament to our long-term growth and commitment to the state of Delaware, the Energy Lane Campus is a central location for our employees that enables us to serve our customers and pursue growth opportunities more efficiently.”

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation has been doing business in Dover, Delaware since 1859.

“We have experienced tremendous growth over the years,” added Stephen C. Thompson, senior vice president, Chesapeake Utilities Corporation. “We will continue to expand our geographic footprint and the workforce we need to support our long-term growth and commitment to our communities. This new facility will enable our operations to support this growth and commitment.”

The design and construction of the Energy Lane Campus incorporated architectural aspects and the historic qualities of the Dover area while incorporating leading edge environmental elements. Awarded the Green Globes Certification by the Green Building Initiative, the Energy Lane office building and warehouse are nationally recognized for capturing a higher standard of environmental integrity.

Located on a 20.6-acre site on 500 Energy Lane Road near Route 1, the Energy Lane Campus features the following:

  • A 56,000-square-foot office building with a 33,000-square-foot warehouse that is logistically more effective for dispatching operations personnel and equipment to serve the Company’s service territories.
  • Chesapeake Utilities’ new public compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fueling station, the only public CNG fueling station on the Delmarva Peninsula. Natural gas-powered vehicles are an alternative to gasoline and diesel vehicles, reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and NOx emissions. The station is part of the Company’s ongoing efforts to increase environmental benefits for the local community by supplying clean-burning natural gas to fuel vehicles and partnering with the State of Delaware to increase the number of vehicles utilizing alternative fuels.
  • State-of-the-art Yanmar natural gas heat pumps to facilitate the heating/cooling system for the Energy Lane office building and warehouse, yielding lower energy and maintenance costs.
  • Daylighting, integrated in the design of the buildings, which is achieved by utilizing the placement of windows and reflective surfaces to bring more sunlight into the office building and warehouse to maximize visual comfort and to reduce energy use.
  • A new bright and welcoming space for the comfort of our Chesapeake Utilities’ customers.
  • A fully-equipped Wellness Center for employees.
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