Top trending: Safeway to shutter Naamans and Foulk Road store in early November


Safeway will close its store on Foulk and Naamans Road in November.

Safeway spokesperson Beth Goldberg said he closing date for the location is Nov. 2.

The other New Castle County Safeway location for Safeway in Peoples Plaza, Glasgow, will remain open, according to Goldberg.Safeway also operates stores in Dover and near Rehoboth Beach.

The north Wilmington store was acquired with the acquisitionof Genuardi’s in 2000.

The acquisition proved to be a disaster for Safeway as the company imposed its operating style on the family owned chain that had built a loyal clientele. Safeway went on to sell off or close Genuardi’s stores in the Delaware Valley.

In northern Delaware, stores were converted to the Safeway name. Until now, two of the three former Genuardi’s had survived as Safeways, including the Naamans Road location.Safeway did close a store in Bear that was later overhauled and became a Kenny family Shoprite.

The clock has been ticking for the past couple of years for the north Wilmington store, since it is near the Acme location in an adjacent shopping center off Naamans Road.

Acme’s parent company Albertsons has acquired Safeway and more recently picked up a few Pathmark stores that were rebranded as Acmes.

The Safeway and Acme names have remained on the stores in Delaware, although Acmes are now seeing Safeway brand names such as Lucerne dairy products.

Acme (which some pronounce (Ack a me) has benefitted of late from its relationship with the Philadephia Eagles and the resurgence of the city. However, the chain continues to close underperforming stores, one of the latest being its store in Dover.

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