Top trending: Food delivery throwdown: EatStreet launches in Newark area as DoorDash adds northern Del. service


EatStreet, a national online food ordering app that serves more than 250 U.S. cities, is launched food delivery for more than restaurants in the Newark area. The number has since moved past 30. The service plans to provide delivery for all restaurants in Newark.

Earlier in August, San Francisco-based DoorDash moved into the Newark-Wilmington market. Also in the mix is GrubHub.

“Locals will have access to more than 800 restaurants in Wilmington and Newark,” the DoorDash blog stated.

Neighborhoods available on DoorDash include: Barkley, Naamans Manor, Afton, Brandywine, Talleys Corner, Arden, Ardencroft, Windy Bush, Glenside Farms, Carrcroft, Wembly, Gwinhurst, Holly Oak, Fairfax, Lynford, Ashley Heights, Alban Park, Rodney Square, Pennyhill, Bellefonte, Alapocas, Welshire, Carrcroft, Chelsea Estates, Heritage, Wood Mill, Birch Pointe, Brookbend, Melanie, Woodshade, and Monterey Farms Brookside, the company blog noted.

“Our customers and restaurant partners in Newark deserve the best, and we’re going to bring it to them with an unmatched delivery experience with top local restaurants and professional drivers,” said Matt Howard, CEO, and co-founder of EatStreet. “We pride ourselves on being the easiest, most efficient shortcut between customers and the restaurants they crave.”

The addition of EatStreet delivery in Newark will bring up to 40 new delivery driver jobs immediately, with plans to add 60-80 jobs over coming months in driver, local sales, marketing and operations positions. Unlike other food delivery services that hire contract drivers, EatStreet drivers are hired as employees. Deliveries will be offered within seven miles of the restaurant.

Those wishing to apply for Eat Street driving positions can clickhere. DoorDash is also looking for drivers.

“For EatStreet, owning the delivery experience from start to finish benefits customers because it enables us to maintain food quality and respond quickly to our restaurant and customer feedback,” Howard said.

The company, an independent online and mobile food ordering and delivery services in the U.S., is based in Madison, WI. EatStreet is now in over 250 cities nationwide and delivers for 15,000 restaurants.

Early last year, EatStreet acquired the assets of a Philadelphia-based food delivery service that served Newark. The service will compete against GrubHub.

Restaurants, including the largest chains, have been using third parties for delivery and pushing a carryout, going so far as to add pickup areas and even delivering to designated parking spaces.

College towns, like Newark, have long been a tempting market for restaurant delivery, with students using apps to make their orders. A pioneer was the Hungry Hens service, which now connects to EatStreet.

EatStreet food delivery adds Newark after snapping up Zoomer assets

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