Superior Court adds online features to jury system


The Superior Court of Delaware is taking part of the jury process online.

The court has incorporated a new online Juror Qualification Questionnaire Response Portal called Jury+ Web Solution. The new software will provide jurors with the ability to complete their questionnaire online.

With the court’s new software, jurors can now submit requests for postponements and excusals online and in real time. Because the request occurs real-time, jury staff can now review and make a quicker determination regarding granting or denying the request.

The Jury Services Department will continue to provide service to those who do not have access to the internet by accepting and generating juror correspondence through the U.S. Mail and by fax. The Jury Services Department of the Superior Court is committed to providing personalized assistance to all jurors via the telephone and in person.

Jury duty remains a more difficult proposition in New Castle County, than inKent and Sussex, due to high security at the Courthouse and parking hassles. Spaces are available in the courthouse parking ramp.

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