(Media Update) News Journal daily print circulation slips below 45,000


The report from the Alliance for Audited Media has changed over the years.

At the top of the summary is the website activity of the News Journal’s   DelawareOnline.com  website and social media numbers. Below are figures that drive home the impact of a  decline in print circulation.

In February,  DelawareOnline  reported  more than one million unique users –  a widely used measurement of web activity.

Amazon’s Alexa site, which was not used in the alliance’s report ranks Delaware Online as the 11,364th  most popular website.  The apparent No. 2, site, WDEL   ranks 28,408th. 

About 27,500 readers use the DelawareOnline mobile app.

On the print side, the figures show the of the steep plunge in print circulation. The News Journal’s Sunday edition totals   80,772 copies as of February, with daily circulation averaging 44,000 between Monday and Saturday.

The total includes what are known as digital copies that contribute about 7,000 to the daily total. Once the online copies are subtracted, strictly print copies Monday through Saturday drop to around 37,000.

A look at circulation figures from 2016 showed the extent of the circulation drop that seems to be picking up speed.

During that period the  News Journal circulation plunged from 114,000  to 61,000. (See story below).

News Journal circulation drop continues

The News Journal has raised print/ digital prices to $30 a month or more and by many accounts cut back the churn that came from temporary deep discounts and fleeting increases in circulation.

The Gannett property also has a paywall that limits the number of views for nonsubscribers.

The industry has been unable to stop the slide in print, which still accounts for a large chunk of revenues and has been forced to cut costs.

The News Journal/Delaware Online has slashed the number of reporters but has kept a sizable staff of producers, videographers, and photographers.

(The previous story incorrectly stated that the circulation was 37,000)

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