Newark’s Minster’s jewelers to close on 123rd anniversary


Minster’s Jewelersin Newark will close its doors this week.

“Friday will be the 123 year anniversary and while it is sad that a fourth generation smallbusiness run by the same family closes I have nothing to regret,” said Will Minster. “ I was considering continuing it as a repair and design store, thought really hard about that, but in the end, I gave it enough of my life and I am very happy in my new career and the work I did at Main Street Wilmington.” The day was later updaed to Saturday.

Will Minster is now associated with Patterson-Woods, a commercial real estate firm.

Minster also operated a jewelry store in Wilmington prior to being Main Street director.

Long-time owner and Newark business leader Marilyn Minster died late last year at the age of 87. Minster helped lead the effort to turn around Newark’s once-troubled downtown with the area being named as one of the nation’s top main streets.

Minster’s Jewelers earlier this year held an estate sale.

The store got its start in Elkton, MD and later moved to Newark. The store was a longtime occupant of the Newark Shopping Center.

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