European crop protection company locates U.S. offices to Little Falls


European crop protection company Belchim is moving its U.S. headquarters to the Wilmington area.

The stage was set for the move earlier this year when Engage Agro USA, LLC officially became Belchim Crop Protection USA,LLC. Belchim is a Belgian company.

In 2016, Belchim obtained a majority stake of 60 percent in Engage Agro Corporation, based in Guelph, Ontario (Canada). The transaction established a direct presence for Belchim in the North American crop protection market.

The American unit is located in the Little Falls area west of Wilmington.

There was no immediate comment from the company on the number of people working at the new office.

Dirk Putteman, managing director of Belchim Crop Protection, earlier announcedthe appointment ofTom Wood as General Manager of Belchim Crop Protection USA, LLC., the entity based near Wilmington.

Bechim develops, registers, and markets protection, nutritional and management products for plants, turf, and agricultural crops for the American market.

In May 2017, Belchim Crop Protection agreed to acquire the American agrochemical company Engage Agro USA, LLC, based in Prescott, AZ.

The buyout of Engage Agro USA provides a ready-made platform to expand access to USA markets for Belchim ’s agrochemical and bio-based product portfolio, Belchim noted in a release.

Delaware and the Delaware Valley are emerging as ahub for agribusiness headquarters operations.

A three-way spinoff of DowDuPont will give Delaware the world headquarters of Corteva, the combined ag business of Dow and DuPont.

FMC, which acquired a portion of DuPont’s ag business to satisfy antitrust concerns, is based in Philadelphia and now works out of a former DuPont R&D center at the Stine-Haskell complex in Newark.

Syngenta, a Swiss agribusiness company, has ties to Delaware, operating administrative offices in Delaware for a time. It was also the product of a merger between ag businesses of Novartis and Zeneca, later AstraZeneca. Syngenta is headed by Eric J. Erik Fyrwald, who spent 27 years at DuPont and was a top official at its agricultural operations.

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