Arner’s closes its doors


A diner known for its strawberry pie and breakfasts has closed.

Patrons reported that Arner’s quietly closed this month of its New Castle-area location off Routes 141 and 13.

Customers had reported a decline in business over the years and reviews on Yelp and other sites have been mixed. The restaurant was once known for doing a brisk business at certain times of the day.

The situation was not helped by the recent work on Route 141 that included the closing of a nearby bridge. The restaurant had an unusual entrance off a Route 141 ramp.

The history of the site dates back more than six decades, with the diner once known as the Peter Pan.

Arner’s Restaurant itself dates back to 1978 and was something of a local landmark. In the past, the restaurant was a meeting place for businesspeople who would hash things out over breakfast or lunch

To the west, the Newark-Ogletown area has seen two diners open. The area is the home of Smiley’s, a diner in a former Pizza Hut location as well as an outpost of Florida-based Metro Diner.

By contrast, diners and other locallyfocused restaurantshave become fewer along DuPont Highway as neighborhoods changed and long-time residents moved elsewhere.

One dinner south of Hares Corner was known as Grecian Diner from 1969 until 1983 when hisdad retired, said Michaell Klezaras, son of the owner. The diner was later known as Frank’s Place before closing for good.

According to Klezaras, the diner was eventually movedin the 1990s to its current site in Somerville, MA and is knownas Kelly’s Diner. Kelly’s has been ranked as one of the top diners in New England.

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